Butterscotch sweets


The original Scottish Butterscotch sweets from Buchanan's. Butterscotch has been popular for generations, with its classic, brown sugar, hard boiled t...
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Buchanan's Original Dark Chocolate Caramels

Chocolate Caramels

A true Scottish favourite, these Dark Chocolate Caramels are made in Scotland by Buchanan's. A delicious toffee caramel covered in rich dark chocolate...
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Chocolate Dipped Fudge

Buchanan's Delectable Chocolate Dipped Fudge, formally Original Chocolate Italian Creams are deliciously soft caramel cremes (very much like fudge) di...
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Buchanan's Liquorice Assortment sweets

Liquorice Assortment

Buchanan's Liquorice Assortment is a mix of delicious boiled sweets in a variety of colours and with a hard outer and chewy liquorice centre. Buchanan...
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